Sea Glass and Stone - Drawings and Jewellery by Buzz Mitchell

Multiple beach find necklaces



Multi coloured sea glass and shell beach finds with 9k yellow gold or sterling silver on a variety of cords.

The first of these was for my daughter's 18th birthday two years ago - so there are 18 beach finds along with upcycled beads from my childhood in East Africa - where this all started... With a necklace like this a new special beach find could be added each birthday, with the combination being redesigned and restrung each year.

Lengths are usually adjustable with a tiny sliding silver or gold ball so can be worn long, short or doubled up. They can also be wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet.

I sometimes take commissions to create bespoke jewellery using my clients inherited jewellery, such as seed pearls and coral beads, combined with beach finds from significant places or memorable walks. I aim to design something to suit the person who will be wearing the piece.

Prices vary - from £85